My WBCOOP submission.

„Hi folks,here is my WBCOOP submision.

Pokerstars is the largerst online poker room and without any doubts the PokerStars software gives you the best poker playing experience available anywhere online.

There are plenty of games running on all leves ,24/7 on PokerStars.Poker Stars offer the following cash game tables. Texas Holdem in no-limit, fixed limit and pot-limit format. Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo in fixed and pot-limit betting (plus no-limit for the Hi-Lo games), Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, Razz, 5 card draw, 2-7 triple draw and mixed games such as HORSE and HOSE.You can also fin the Poker lobby a various list of online tournaments with big guaranteed prizepools, and online tournament series.

This year i decided to join PokerStars (WBCOOP series) World Blogger Championship of Online Poker begins this year on March 1 , and the deadline for a qualifying blog submission is March 9st. Full details can be found Great prizes can be won such as , $5,000 prize awarded for „Best WBCOOP Blogger.” There will also be $1,000 for the „Best Live Tweeter.” and and $500 to the Best Female Blogger.

More info about WBCOOP and how can you join : ” WBCOOP is open to anyone who submits a 500-word blog or short video before March 9 detailing the best moment they have had while playing on PokerStars. The blogger must then share the blog/video with friends and followers on social media to get ten free tickets to play in one of 30 eligible tournaments. ”

Players can register for a maximum of ten tournaments. Each tournament awards Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) tickets to the highest finishers, and everyone who cashes will be invited to play the 2013 WBCOOP Main Event on March 11 at 10:00 ET where $5,000 will be up for grabs.

There is also some extra incentive to play, you’ll find several members of Team Pro in the fields with $22 bounties on their heads.

In the next few momemnts i’m gonna present you ONE of the most memorable moments i’ve had on Pokerstars. Let me tell you the story of it.

Here we go. So i’m gonna play this hand on boomplayer ( as you can see I was on a deep run in the nightly $30.000$ / 55$ buy-in. I’m in the big blind with Q4 when player2 raises me to 5000 chips. It’s an easy fold, huh?

Not for me! I decided to steal the pot. I raised to 10000 chips. But then he re-re-raises me to 21500 chips. Now is the great moment because i choose not to fold. I push all my chips in the middle, my tournament on the line. I was so nervous. But then he folded instantly! I levelled this guy into the ground. Maybe it was not a wise move by me, when I was so close to the final table. But it’s a definitly a great play with a touch of madness from my side.

Hope you enjoyed this read , and may the best player win.


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